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まちかおコレクション26 / Machikao Collection 26

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▼About the work

Artist: Mio Hirayama
Title: 《まちかおコレクション26 / "Machikao Collection 26"》
Materials: Acrylic on canvas, photo
Size:  41 × 41 × 2 cm
Rarity: Unique
Condition: Perfect
Signature: Signed
Certification of authenticity: Included(Issued by gallery)
Frame: Not included

▼Artist's Comment

"Machikao Collection," which means Street Faces Collection, is a device to experience the extraordinary hidden in everyday life. It is created using the phenomenon of "simulacra phenomenon," in which three dots appear to be a face.
Each character has a real place where "simulacra phenomenon" occurs.
I would like the viewer to feel that the world can be seen from a different perspective, even in the most ordinary of days.




"まちかおコレクション”は日常に潜む、非日常を体験する装置です。 3つの点があると顔に見えてしまう現象、シミュラクラ現象を使い制作を行っています。